24 April 2013

Yarn Along - in which I display a stunning lack of wisdom by knitting cream lace

Yeah you heard me. ;)

Cream lace. In a house full of rough and tumble muddy daughters.  (It's the Summer Love Wrap by Katherine Fagan, in the gorgeous organic merino I dye for my customers.)

Hush now, I'm sure it will be *fiiine*. And if it gets stained quickly, I shall dye it rainbow. So there.

I'm reading lots of snippets. Fire Thief and Harry Potter to Jenna, an abridged translation of The Odyssey to all of the girls, Fantastic Mr Fox to Morgan, re-reading Protecting the Gift to share snippets with friends.

I just finished the Midnight Mayor series (Kate Griffin) and decided on the whole it was more awesome than annoying, and also read the last Earth's Children book (Land of Painted Caves) in one week flat, and decided on the whole it was simply more annoying. How many times do I need to be reminded that a) she has an unusual accent, b) the wolf is fond of children and c) she is preparing the same plants in the same way as described in laborious detail in the last chapter? I have loved this series, and I want to love this story, and yet the sheer amount of repetition is causing me to skim read now. I can't decide if I hope there's more, or if I hope that this was the last.

Yes, lots of reading. I have been sitting a lot this week, as the SPD pain flared up again and I ran the usual gauntlet of friends and relations telling me to go to the doctors. (I know, I know.)


My spot under the willow tree, watching the drawing and chasing and noise, as my baby sleeps safe in my arms in that green butterfly tshirt that has been battered with hand-me-down wear. The sky is pale but the sun is warming us. I pick up the Odyssey, put it down, pick up my knitting pattern, put it down. Pop inside to make cheese on toast for lunch. Stop a moment to lay down the heavy sleeping baby weight and put on some music. This is my day.

Joining in with Ginny and friends.


  1. What a gorgeous pattern, dreaming is allowed!

  2. Sounds like a *perfect* day! Enjoy, ~Lisa


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