14 April 2013

Ruby Doodle


Oh Rowan, happy birthday sweet little crazy creature.  I love love love the fun and liveliness you bring to our home, your bright eyes and constant stream of chatter.  You are funny, sensitive, generous, cuddly, bouncy and cute!  You squeal with delight any number of times a day.  The whole world is an adventure to you.

Yesterday you stood with your hands clasped behind your back and explained The Octonauts to your grandad, telling him all about your favourite sea creatures and their habitats and grinning proudly when he laughed at you saying "humu humu nuku nuku apua'a".


Keep that bright curiosity, those wide sparkling eyes, and that ready joy.  I'm looking forwards to the next year and all it may bring us.  I hope you are too.



  1. Happy Birthday Rowan, such lovely words :)

  2. Happy Birthday my darling little Ruby! Hope you have an amazing time being four. With all my love, Ashleigh.xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet Rowan!
    She has the brightest blue eyes!
    We have a little octonauts fan who turned 2 on the 13th :)

  4. Even though it is late, Happy Birthday Rowan, hope you had a lovely day celebrating your birthday. x

  5. Beautiful, bright, bubbly Rowan, I hope you had a wonderful birthday <3 xxx


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