15 February 2013

Round and Round the Garden

Tali's favourite games are *all* tickling games.  She adores being stroked, poked, tickled, and kissed, and she screams with delicious baby laughter when we play with her.  Her favourite rhymes and songs are Wind the Bobbin, and Round the Garden.  Instead of tracing with my finger, I speak the words against her palm and kiss my way down her arm.  She puts her hand to my mouth to ask me to play!  Here she is, 14 months old, shining eyes and barely able to breathe she finds it so funny.


  1. Oh such gorgeous, infectious baby giggles, I could'nt stop laughing with her. Thank you for sharing, you are one very lucky mama :):) xx

    1. I have to keep coming and watching it, because it makes me laugh too! :) She's delicious. I love how at the end she's trying to shove her hands on my mouth to make me do it again. :D

  2. so cute!! I don't know those nursery rhymes, so I'm off to learn them. I think my baby would love too!


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