12 February 2013

Daybook from a very ordinary home day

Outside my window: there are only so many words for "grey" to describe the early Spring sky on another damp and chilly day.  The cat presses her nose to the window - she won't come in, we're looking after my mum's dogs today and they are rather to interested in the cat for her own comfort.  I am awaiting  the rumble and clank of Martin's work van door slamming, telling me that he is home and our family time can begin.

I am thankful: for clean fresh water, Norse myths, a clean kitchen, small helping hands to fold laundry, cold breezes on our morning walk to the park, colourful journal pages, and warm socks!

In the kitchen: I earned myself some Good Mama points by baking breakfast muffins late last night for the girls to wake to this morning.  I wish I'd taken a picture.  They were absolutely the best muffins I've made to date.  

It's pancake day today and we've run out of lemon juice, and I take leave to doubt the likelihood of being able to get either lemons or non-metallic-tasting juice from the local shops.  

The tumble drier is humming away (I am still in frank admiration of the many large families who manage without one) and there is yarn hanging on the back of the door for want of anywhere more sensible to leave it to dry.

I am wearing: a very hippy purple dress with my green knitted tunic over the top, and a selection of colourful beaded bracelets.

I am creating: lots of little things to be finished...  I am not feeling the project love, really, today.  Last night I made a baby hat, enjoying the speed and ease of crocheting a familiar favourite pattern.  I'm quite enjoying knitting some little rainbow gnomes for a customer, but today I somehow can't concentrate on those.  I did get it into my head to knit Rowan a quick little tiny mouse, but can't find the right size needles!  Ah well.

I am going: to have to put the children's clothes away again.  It's not one of those jobs that feels particularly satisfying - I know it's work that will be swiftly, surely, and thoroughly undone almost before it's finished.  

Part of me is ready to have another proper cull and get rid of some things.  But with younger siblings growing into things so quickly, it often happens that something barely-worn will be a true favourite constantly-worn for the next child down.  I think I'm a natural hoarder, anyway, but I shy away from further attempts to reduce laundry by culling the wardrobes.

I am wondering: whether Talia is drawing in books again.  She is quietly sitting in her favourite corner, just out of sight from my chair, and I can hear a contended sighing and the rustle of pages turning...  No, she is in fact pen-free (for once) and is just happily "reading" a stack of picture books.

I am hoping: that the extra-careful food budget, using up of cupboard ingredients, and doubling of my weekly savings deposit, will actually result in us being able to repair the car to get it through its MOT at the end of the month.  I'm still trying not to think about it, really.

I am looking forward to: pancakes for tea.  A hug from my hard-working husband.  Sneaking in a bit more art play time standing at the kitchen worktop, hoarding my quiet moments (and my precious art supplies) covetously away from the treasured-but-demanding small children.  The daily reading-aloud of Harry Potter with my biggest girl at bedtime.

I am learning: more about Norse myths than my own initial interest ever carried me to (and enjoying it hugely).

Around the house: there is a large den made from three umbrellas and a chalk board taking up almost the entire playroom.  The girls have blankets and a little table under there, and have set up house.  Rowan is sitting in it right now with a small selection of her favourite soft toys - a velveteen rabbit, Morgan's old penguin (remember Baby?), the first Waldorf doll I ever made (seven years ago - her name is Lily and she is Jenna's), and a small grey toy cat.  Morgan is sulking in her bed reading a book; she and Jenna have had a falling out over something.

Jenna is now sitting with Talia, reading to her.  Talia tries to turn the pages too fast, and gets very cross when Jenna doesn't let her.  Talia is wearing a thick squishy red cardigan, and has her yellow bag with her - the dratted thing is rarely out of her little baby grasp today as she only got it yesterday.  It's a cheap kit bag with shopping centre advertising on it, a free gift we would rather have declined.  As usual with things I don't really actually want, the children adore it.

I am pondering: whether it might be possible to start getting the little ones ready for bed earlier even when their daddy is working late, because yesterday I got *so much done* after they all went off to bed early!  I don't like the idea of them missing out on seeing him in the evenings, but I did really need that quiet hour last night, and felt better for the preparation time today too.

One of my favourite things: is the rich chortle of this ticklish toddler, who comes to me with her baby arms raised and her face glowing with delight, asking me to poke her belly and play endless rounds of "Round and Round the Garden" while she squeals and whoops with joy.

Simple Woman's Daybook


  1. I hope you all enjoyed your pancakes and managed to have a productive evening. You will have to how us the rainbow gnomes, they sound great!

  2. Delightful snapshots. Love hearing about your days xx


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