21 November 2014

Space Centre

Martin took time off, last week - so that we could get the house sorted out and finally do some of those jobs we've been saying we'll do for ages (like sort the junk on top of the wardrobe out, and paint the inside of the fireplace, and tidy the shed). And then we both had great ideas for trips we hadn't taken for ages (FREE trips!) and things we wanted to enjoy as a family, and of course the mess got pushed firmly into second place.
2014-11-13 12.05.28

2014-11-13 12.56.51

When we went to the Doctor Who convention at the Space Centre earlier in the year, our tickets were validated to return for free any time within a year. So that's where we spent one of our precious family days (with the welcome additions of Emma and Connor). We took a huge picnic, and the kids set the itinerary. Mainly, that involved about six turns in the weather reporting station, and a very long time playing all of the skill tests in astronaut training (my least favourite place to hang out, because it's so loud and echoey and always very busy)!
2014-11-13 13.47.47

2014-11-13 13.48.16

Check out the wallpaper in the replica living room from the moon landing exhibits!
2014-11-13 14.49.24

And Connor and Rowan (always partners in crime) enjoyed climbing on the model of a gravity-squashed Venus probe.
2014-11-13 15.35.12


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  1. I really want to visit the Space Centre I have heard such good things about it. It's such a long way for us tho'..........

    Looks like you all had a great time!


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