26 November 2014

Not wise, but beautiful.

2014-11-23 13.58.38

On Saturday, I was rushed in to hospital in a lot of pain, feeling like I was miscarrying and saying shakily "but I'm REALLY SURE I'm not pregnant". I wasn't pregnant. I did have a kidney infection.

What you're supposed to do, when you have a kidney infection, is take the antibiotics you're given, take painkillers, and rest. The first point was easy enough. I'm not so "natural living" that I don't take medication for a good reason. However, Sunday was my thirtieth birthday and I had plans, so I sort of thought, "we'll just walk a *little* way, and I'll be fine!" I was fine, and the kids were SO enthusiastic, so we walked a bit further. By the time I realised I'd missed a dose of pain killers we'd walked past the half way point and were at least an hour and a half away from the car.

Oh but it was SUCH a beautiful day, and such beautiful surroundings, and such great company. And I don't regret it, not one little bit. I set back my recovery a bit, though, and I wouldn't say it's particularly wise to walk six miles when you're supposed to be on bed rest for a couple of days.

2014-11-23 15.20.52

2014-11-23 15.21.10

2014-11-23 15.21.35

2014-11-23 15.32.16

So, I had a memorable and wonderful birthday. I also feel slightly like I've been beaten up, even though I'm pretty sure the antibiotics have done their job and I'm no longer in pain (just sort of low level all over ache and extreme tiredness). Isn't life just full of curve balls?


  1. Oh no! A belated Happy Birthday :)

    Hope you are feeling well soon. ;)

  2. Happy Belated birthday wishes x

  3. I hope you feel better soon hun, glad you had a nice birthday. Love the colours in your photos, what camera do you use? I need a new one because my old one has died. xxx

    1. All of these were actually taken on a Samsung mobile phone! I have never had a good camera, and this last time replaced it with a phone camera. First time I've had a smart phone and although I was reluctant it has been wonderful! I'm much braver taking adventures on my own with all four children now. :)

  4. Have you stopped writing your lovely blog? I really miss your posts. I hope all is well with you and your family xxx

  5. Hope you are all good. Miss your blog posts.


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