5 February 2014

Yarn Along (still without any new books)

My scrap shawl is finished! :)




I gave it the lace border from Oaklet, which needs blocking but is really rather beautiful, and I decided where it's going to be gifted too. I love the sparkle, and the colours. It has been the absolute perfect distraction project, just knitting back and forth without much thought required. I am still struggling with a great grey weight of tiredness, and the grounding stitch after stitch is so healing. I have a feeling I'll be casting on another shawl before long, for those lulls when I can't think or spare energy for elaborate projects, but I can soothe myself with the rhythm of simply creating.

Joining in with Ginny and friends for another week's round up of knitting and reading!


  1. It's gorgeous! What a lovely way to use up yarn.

    What is pay it forward, if you don't mind me asking?

    1. Just finding something nice to do for someone without obligation. :) Some folks set themselves a goal of giving five surprises through the year for someone else, asking that each of their recipients "pay it forward" by doing the same - giving/making surprises for five other people - instead of looking for a way to pay it back to the person who made for them.

      I tend not to tie myself to a number (too disorganised), but through the year basically any time I feel fed up I try to find a way to give something to someone else without tying any conditions to it (I figure people naturally pay it forwards without being asked, by being given a little lift they almost accidentally lift the people around them). :)

    2. I so agree with you regarding the pay it forward concept! I've made a few gifts recently as I wanted to try something different and it made sense to pass on to another who would appreciate it. You are so right about having something to work on as a distraction, my go to for that, is socks!

      Hugs san xxx

  2. It's turned out lovely! What a lucky person.

    I do love my plain shawls. There is something wonderful to see them grow. I totally agree, they are very mindless and meditative. Knitting where you don't have to pay too much attention, the gentle rhythm, the colour and softness growing steadily. It's all really rather zen. :)

  3. It looks beautiful! I like how you used the Oaklet border at the bottom. The recipient will be very lucky indeed.

  4. Oh I agree, its beautiful. And I agree about shawl knitting being cathartic. I am knitting a shawl too right now which is basically 3 rows repeated over and over until the desired size, and it couldn't be easier. Have you thought about making a prayer shawl? It doesn't have to used for prayers, you just pray about the recipient and pray a little love into the garment as you go. I find this very relaxing and makes me feel great because I am dreamily praying loving thoughts (who says Christianity and Hippies don't blend together haha). Valerie xxx

  5. beautiful! I always try to have something mindless to work on.

  6. It's beautiful and so large you can wrap yourself as in a blanket - just lovely! Lena

  7. Beautiful mix of colors and the border is lovely even un-blocked. :)


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