13 February 2014

Yarn Along lists


Finished Divergent and Insurgent
Read The Colour of Magic with Jenna
Enjoyed The Inheritance by Megan Lindholm (boo hiss all those of you who put me off starting it)

Started a ripply baby cardigan to use up left over hand dyed green sparkles
Started knitting a giant turnip (yep!)
Got distracted from everything else (as usual)
Persuaded Ashleigh to block a shawl for me :)
Dyed self-striping rainbows and lots of other pretties

Joining in (belatedly) with Ginny and friends. :)


  1. Your yarn looks so nice! Do you dye your own? Haven't tried that yet, but I've got a hank that I want to try.
    One or two of my boys have read Divergent and Insurgent, but I haven't yet. Looking at The Book Thief, but thinking I should finish another I started a month ago...so many books, so little time :o)
    Keep doing it!!

    1. Aw thank you - yes I dye my own yarn. :) Mainly I kettle dye and dip dye, and my favourite dyes are Kemtex acid dyes. I'm happy to recommend yarn and dye suppliers if you're in the UK? And tutorials for dye methods. :D xx

  2. I enjoyed Inheritance too, I just struggled with the length of the book.
    I'm trying to decide what to read next, I'm feeling a bit uninspired at the moment :( xx


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