2 May 2011

That London Weekend

Wow how long ago this was now! Weeks have passed in a blur of mostly sleeping and feeling awful. I'd like to sugar coat that bit, but hey I guess you've heard all the worst bits from me by now. I am still really hating being pregnant. But still, this really INTENSE feeling of the baby's presence, I can't explain it, but it's good, stronger than with any of the others and quite reassuring through feeling generally not so blessed. I AM blessed. :)

Anyhow, London. This is how we spent most of that weekend. :) In the sun. Learning about beekeeping and helping with the work on the allotment in time for its grand opening. :)
april 052
april 064
april 069
april 070
The wise and wonderful Fred, in his shed.
april 074
Worn out!
april 055
On our way out again.
april 090
april 078
And a bit more outdoor exploring. :)
april 102
april 103
april 100
april 105
april 106
april 110
Pretty fabulous. :)


  1. They say morning sickness is a good sign that the baby is being protected by the body.Hopefully you will stop feeling sick soon and begin to enjoy things more. Looks like you guys had a great time in london though:)

  2. Oohh looks like a wonderful weekend.
    Hehehe and the picks of Rowan jumping are great! And wow, Jenna is looking so grown up, so tall! Love her skirt.

  3. Sounds pretty nice! I LOOOOVE the pic of Ro flying!!!


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